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Midwifery services for Southern New Mexico.

Community midwifery services for Las Cruces and surrounding areas, including Alamogordo, Truth or Consequences, and Deming. 

Care provided by a licensed midwife is centered around your needs as an individual. When you work with a midwife, you lead your healthcare. As a licensed midwife, I recognize that every person is different and there is no single best choice for everyone. When you are faced with decisions, I work with you to help you find the best option for you, and then support your decision. Appointments are scheduled to allow ample time for any questions or concerns you might have, to provide as much information as you need to make healthcare choices that will affect your life, and for gentle, respectful care and assessment. 

I offer homebirth and waterbirth midwifery services as a safe alternative to hospital birth for many people. I also offer prenatal care and postpartum care separately from birth, as midwifery care can benefit people regardless of where they decide to have their babies. Well care is also available for folks at any stage of life who want to be informed and in charge of their healthcare.

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