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Homebirth is a safe option for many people who want an alternative to hospital birth. Homebirth midwifery care offers the opportunity to take charge of your healthcare during and after pregnancy. Midwifery services for homebirth clients include a normal schedule of prenatal care, continuous care by a provider you know and trust during your labor and birth, and postpartum care for yourself and your new baby. You will be encouraged to learn about your options for prenatal testing, labor care, and postpartum choices, and your decisions will be supported and respected by your midwife.


Free Consultation

Are you not sure if midwifery care is right for you? Do you want a chance to meet people before picking a care provider for your birth or well care? Every client gets a free consultation before signing up for care, including plenty of time to answer any questions you have and talk about your options for providers and care in different settings.


Using water for labor and birth can be a safe option for relieving pain and tension, and helping labor progress smoothly. Birth in the water is safe for babies, and can provide a gentle way to welcome baby to the world.  A portable birthing pool can be set up in almost any living space for those who want the option of using it in labor.

Well Care


Midwifery care is not only for pregnant people. Midwifery services include annual exams, gentle pap smears, STI screening, and holistic support of your well-being at any stage of life, as well as counseling for people trying to conceive or for those who want to avoid becoming pregnant. When you are faced with decisions to make about your health, well care by a midwife can be a valuable source of information and support in finding the right choice for yourself. Your decisions will always be supported and respected.

Prenatal Care

You can receive care by a licensed midwife in pregnancy no matter where you want to birth. If you plan to birth at the hospital, you can still benefit from the excellent care a midwife provides during pregnacy. In addition to normal prenatal care, your midwife offers information and support around the choices you have before, during, and after birth. In every appointment, you will have ample time to discuss any questions or concerns you have. Care provided by a midwife is gentle and respectful, and your decisions will always be respected. 

Postpartum + Well Baby Care


You can receive postpartum care and well-baby care in your home after the birth, no matter where your baby was born, and even if you didn't have prenatal care by a licensed midwife. In postpartum and well-baby visits, you and baby will be checked by the midwife to ensure you are not developing any complications. You will have plenty of time to discuss any questions or concerns that may come up, and can receive support with breastfeeding and other transitions as needed. Postpartum and well baby care begin at home after the birth and continue until 6 weeks after the birth.

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